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TitleSMT EF Stencil


High Quality SMT EF stencil


Product features

The smooth and tapered section of the hole is beneficial to the release of solder paste

Nickel alloys have lower surface energy levels and less solder paste adhesion

Unparalleled surface hardness, extending the service life of the template

20 ~ 300um template thickness, can be easily obtained according to customer demand

STEP DOWN / STEP UP special requirements, allowing customers to choose

Product use

The best choice of solder paste printing, can significantly reduce the solder ball, little tin, empty solder printing bad

Applies to 01005, 0201, 0402/, CSP, uBGA, QFP/, 0.3, 0.4MM and other Fine Pitch printing

Especially suitable for high-volume SMT high precision printing, can maintain a good yield

Technical parameter

  Hole size accuracy

 ± 0.005 mm

  Maximum deviation of position

 ± 0.015 mm

  Thickness error

 ± 0.005 mm

  Pore wall roughness

 < 0.0003 mm

  Hardness of nickel alloy

 400 ~ 550 Hv

Product picture