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High-quality electroforming technology leading Company

Kunshan Micro-eform Tech Co., Ltd  established in 2008 in Kunshan, is a high-tech enterprises in Jiangsu Province, mainly engaged in micro electroforming technology products development, production, the company has a group of professional and technical personnel in electroforming, excellent technical strength and industry experience, become in mainland China the most mature technology of micro electroforming stenil and precision alloy parts manufacturers.

With micro electroforming technology as a platform, the company specializes in micro electroforming product development, production and sales of high-tech enterprises. Products are widely used in electronics, communications, aerospace, optics, micro machinery and other high-precision industries, access to various industry customers good evaluation. The company's main products include SMT high-precision electroforming stencil, semiconductor wafer bumps, electroforming stencil, high-precision metal parts, etc., the quality of products could keep same to foreign advanced level of similar products, filling the technology blank in China.

The micro technology has completely independent intellectual property rights, the company focus on technology research and development, and has applied for 8 patents, 18 utility model patents, as an innovative technology company, the micro technology and strive to become the industry leader in micro electroforming technology. The company is committed to providing the most professional micro electroforming products technology and services, and with excellent design, manufacturing capabilities and rapid response service as the core competitive advantage, and strive to become the best partner customers.