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Nantong Meijing Micro Electronics Co., Ltd. Kunshan Microform Tech Co., Ltd.

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  Company tenet

  People oriented, honest and pragmatic, innovative and enterprising, return to society.

  Management tenet

  Credit first, customer first, quality satisfaction, technology leader.

  Service tenet

  Take customer demand as the company's starting point.

  Quality objective

  In order to meet the domestic and international standards of factory control standards, to meet customer expectations for product quality and requirements.

  Enterprise spirit

  Strive for self-improvement, and strive for the first.

  Marketing strategy

  High quality, moderate price, prompt delivery, flexible strategy and excellent service.

  enterprise style

  Economic efficiency, management, system, principles and efficiency.

  Enterprise morality

  Honest and trustworthy

  management idea

  Leading technology, people-oriented.