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Advantages of screen printing:

(1) not subject to the size and shape of the substrate

General printing, only in the plane, forming and screen printing can be printed on the plane but also in a special shape on the spherical surface such as printing, have the shape of things can be used for screen printing.

(2) soft layout and small print

The screen is soft and elastic.

(3) the covering power of ink layer is very strong

Can be printed on all black paper white printing, three-dimensional strong.

(4) apply to all kinds of ink

(5) strong optical rotation resistance

The gloss of a printed matter can not be changed. (neither temperature nor daylight had any effect.). This allows the printing of some self-adhesive, without additional film and other processes.

(6) the printing method is flexible and diverse

(7) plate making is convenient, cheap and easy to master

(8) strong adhesion;

(9) it can be printed by hand or printed on the machine

(10) suitable for long-term display, outdoor advertising expressive