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Case of Shanghai sword translation balance machine

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The wire mesh can print the finest pattern because its wire diameter is very uniform and can be very fine. Metal wire mesh (mesh) is also very consistent, than other screen material, mesh, metal wire mesh and metal mesh as easy to non ink, metal wire it does not absorb ink or solvent, it can be a relatively flat printing ink film. It has many advantages: the frequent replacement of the template and can not damage the metal mesh; the ink is easy to pass through metal mesh; especially suitable for use of porcelain glass ink, ink, ink and dye Flake Copper ink can be used to compare the occasion; fine work; metal screen printing ink film can be thick and rigid; good printing overprinter accurate; can be used for automatic, semi-automatic or manual printing. In the past, due to the fact that wire mesh was difficult to stretch and expensive, it was only used for making small screens, but it was increasingly used in medium and large mesh screens. Despite its high cost and poor elasticity, its consistency and infinite availability reduce overall cost. Moreover, the correct stretching and printing techniques can compensate for the poor elasticity.