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Hongtai WITHUB - China and Technology Incubation Park

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The solar photovoltaic system is divided into off grid photovoltaic power generation system, grid connected photovoltaic power generation system and distributed photovoltaic power generation system:

1 、 off grid photovoltaic power generation system. Mainly composed of solar cell components, controllers, batteries, to AC load power, but also need to configure AC inverter.

2, the grid connected photovoltaic power generation system is the DC power produced by the solar energy component. After the grid connected inverter is converted into the AC power which meets the requirements of the city power grid, it is directly connected to the public power grid. The grid connected power generation system has centralized large-scale grid connected power stations, which are usually power stations at the national level. The main feature is that the power generation can be directly transported to the power grid, and the power supply is uniformly distributed to the users by the power grid. But this kind of power station has large investment, long construction period and large occupation area. The distributed small scale grid connected power generation system, especially the photovoltaic integrated power generation system, is the mainstream of grid connected power generation because of its small investment, fast construction, small footprint and strong policy support.

3, distributed photovoltaic power generation system, also known as distributed generation and distributed energy supply, refers to the user site or close to the photovoltaic power supply system of electric field configuration is small, to meet the specific needs of users, support the existing economic operation of distribution network, or at the same time to satisfy these two requirements.

The basic equipment of distributed photovoltaic power system including photovoltaic modules, photovoltaic array bracket, DC bus box, DC power distribution cabinet, inverter, AC distribution cabinets and other equipment, in addition to the power supply system monitoring device and environmental monitoring device. The operation mode is in the solar radiation conditions, solar panels convert solar energy photovoltaic power generation system output power, through the DC bus box concentrated into the DC power distribution cabinet, inverter grid connected inverter by alternating current supply of building its own load, excess or insufficient power to regulate through grid connection.

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