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Takura Yutae environmental success stories

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At present, the era of the formulation of microelectronic components have different views, some of the microelectronic integrated circuit as the special pronoun, I think the electronic circuit is a whole electronic component formulation is long term, microelectronics Microelectronics) and Microelectronics Engineering (microelectronicengineering) said that their definition is a new branch of electronic engineering is the study of electronic components, super miniaturization and integration, is the study of micro electronic components and circuit technology and discipline. The Thirteenth National Congress of the party in the report mentioned that the microelectronics technology refers to the research, manufacture and application of micro electronic devices, components and circuit technology. In 1989, the medium and long term scientific and technological development program for mechanical and electronic industry also proposed the development of new components suitable for microelectronic assembly. 1992 "electronic product classification and code", the chip components and flat microelectronic components for microelectronic components, flat microelectronic components including head, connector, transformer, switch, ammeter, relay, microwave components and RF connectors, battery, motor, etc. various kinds of flat element electro acoustic devices. Therefore, microelectronic components include integrated circuits, hybrid integrated circuits, chip, flat type components and electromechanical components, chip semiconductor discrete devices. With the density and complexity of integrated circuits is greatly improved, and the linewidth of increasingly fine copper wire technology, the frequency and the processing speed is greatly improved, in the electronic circuit in other components of the surrounding must have the corresponding rate of processing speed, in order to become a whole, complete the function of. Digital and multimedia electronic equipment required for high-speed and large capacity transmission and processing requirements, therefore, microelectronic components is the inevitable product of the information age and the foundation.