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Zhangjiagang saddle electromechanical success case

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Precision metal processing refers to the machine parts or components made of hardware, and some hardware products. It can be used alone or as a aid. Such as hardware tools, hardware parts, daily hardware, construction hardware and security supplies. Most hardware products are not final consumer goods. But as industrial manufacturing supporting products, semi-finished products and tools used in the production process and so on. Only a small number of household hardware products (fittings) are the consumer goods of tools for people's daily life.

Precision metal processing process, one is based on the production needs of the opening, after opening some, such as small parts production, you can go to press, and then Gong gong or CNC processing. This in glasses accessories, auto parts production a lot. And do what is expected to open the container to punch after welding, and then hit the sand after injection, then you can ship the parts assembly.